Roller Skaters

Roller Skaters are a high energy way of getting your brand noticed, they are a brilliant roaming act that present the perfect photo opportunity. They can be booked as a walkabout act or for promotional services. Either way they bring the fun to the party!

Roller Skaters


Roller skaters will mix and mingle with your guests and stop and pose for photos with them. They are eye-catching, and perform tricks to impress you customers. Our performers can wear branded clothing to help create awareness for your company. They can hold a tray if required and hand out leaflets, balloons, or goodies for you. They are perfect if you are having a Disco themed party night, and they will be the ones to get your guests onto the dance floor and into the party spirit! We have many themes to choose from including 80’s mirror ball, Christmas Ice fairies, Halloween characters, Candy themed, busy bee’s, festival and Summer rainbow fairies.

Our skaters are great because:

• They are mobile

• They will draw customers over to you

• They are high energy

• They are fun!

• They can get your brand noticed


Mirror Ball Dancer
roller skater
Roller Skaters
Busy Bee Roller skaters
festival roller skater

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