Harry Potter

Step into the magical world of Harry Potter ….

We have our own Bella la Trix to mix and mingle with your guests on Stilts, and of course…. Harry Potter who will come bouncing in -performing acrobatics on bouncy stilts!

The hero and villain later in the evening will perform a choreographed battle scene using magic wands that visually display Harry Potter themed imagery.

If you want your company logo to be included into the show we have a spell that can make that happen too!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

The Goblet of Fire
The Goblet of Fire is an ornate Goblet beckled with golden jewels and snakes, and is striking in appearance. If you have an outdoor space suitable, the Goblet of Fire is the perfect – magical Fire meet and greet as your guests arrive.

It can be also be booked as a 10 minute show that includes; fire artistry within the goblet, angle grinding sparks, fire breathing and pyrotechnics.

Walkabout Acts
We also have Dementor and ghost themed scare actors to wander through you guests and playfully scare them.

If you want to bring your Harry Potter themed event to life then we will be there quicker than you can say Huffle Puff!

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