CYR Wheel

CYR wheel is a breathtaking act which involves tremendous strength, balance, and acrobatics inside a large metal ring that weighs approximately 20kg. The shows are breathtaking and impressive – they will leave your head in a spin!

CYR Wheel

Phoenix Entertainment has two very experienced Acrobats on their books  who perform their own bespoke shows. CYR wheel shows involve acrobatics manoeuvres in and around the Sphere designed to impress and amaze your audience.

They can be tailored for special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween and we even have LED wheel shows perfect for evening corporate parties! Our Christmas themed show involves an Elf who has lost hist love of Christmas time. He works tirelessly in the toy factory and shows off some acrobatic moves. The Elf then starts to assemble his wheel in the workshop and begins to remember what it is to play! As he is putting his wheel together his movements become more and more acrobatic until finally he can spin in his CYR wheel and show off some amazing tricks – whilst re-discovering his love of Christmas time.

It is a warm beautiful show especially well suited for both children and adults in community events such as a Christmas light switch on.

Cyr wheel

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